Whether you are new to understanding how your finances work or already have some experience, we have courses to suit your needs. Educate yourself to secure your financial future.

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Enjoy, discover and learn all about your finances through podcasts, a radio show, or webinars. No matter what your starting point, we can help you achieve your financial goals.


Enrol in one of our latest courses and learn about the choices you can make for your financial future. Easy to follow and understand, you can build on your knowledge about your money.


How do you view your finances? Are you aware of your tolerance to risk?

Take our money quiz to gain a better insight into your views about your finances.

How do you view your finances?

Are you aware of your tolerance to risk? Take our money quiz to gain a better insight into your views about your finances.

Welcome to Your Money Maven

Behavioural Money Coach & Wealth Education, Sydney

Money plays a huge part in all our lives, but unfortunately, we don’t always manage it well and make it work for us. This is where Money Maven, your independent wealth educator, Sydney, comes in. We offer courses and advice to help you become financially empowered.

We live in an uncertain world and never know what’s around the corner. Educating yourself about the financial options open to you provides a level of certainty for your future. You get to control your finances and start living your dream lifestyle now, with security for years to come.

Our journey through life isn’t always smooth — we could lose a job, be made redundant, or go through a divorce. At these times, financial planning is paramount to create the life we actually want. Money Maven can coach and mentor you through these difficult times.

You may feel that you are financially secure at this time in your life, but have you looked ahead?

We are living longer and therefore need to consider what our retirement will look like. Your Money Maven will help you examine your finances, from SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) through to taxes and more — so when your working days are over, you can have the income you want to live comfortably.

It’s not just personal finances that need a boost. Perhaps you are starting or own a small business and are unsure how to invest. As a business owner in Sydney, you take on risk, but you can make it work for you — if you know how. 

Engaging Your Money Maven as your independent wealth educator helps ensure your business is profitable and will support the lifestyle you want.

The sooner you start educating yourself on your finances, the better. It’s not just something reserved for later life. In fact, when you reach your 50s or 60s, it might be too late.

Take control now to capitalise by getting smart about what you do, and do what you love.

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The Road to Financial Independence

A Guide for Millennials & School Leavers

The Road to Financial Freedom

A Guide for Generation XY

The Road to Retirement

A Guide for the Over 55’s

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What Does Your Money Maven Offer?

Your Money Maven is here to help you build, protect and manage your money. Owned by Sheila Cabacungan, a Certified Financial Planner, we are all about creating new possibilities for your financial future. Taking away uncertainties and money worries give you peace of mind, knowing you have sufficient funds to live the life you love.

Make a Wise Choice With Your Money Maven

By choosing Your Money Maven, you are taking the first steps towards a secure financial future. With over 20 years of experience in financial planning and educating, we are the ideal partner to take on your journey. Based in West Sydney, we are here to coach and mentor you through the minefield of SMSFs, debt, investment and more.

Our goal is to help you grow, protect and manage your money so you can live the life you want — now and into the future.

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Your Money Maven Courses

As well as financial planning and advice, Your Money Maven offers courses that are practical, easy to understand and educate you on taking control of your financial future. Whether you are new to understanding how your finances work or already have some experience, there are courses to suit your needs.

Topics You Can Learn About


  • Small businesses.
  • Managing debt.
  • SMSFs.
  • How to survive a job loss.
  • Rebuilding after divorce.
  • Investment choices.
  • Paying your house off faster.
  • Getting out of debt.
  • … and more.

Wealth Media

Our wealth media is designed to educate you about your finances and show you what is possible to achieve. It will help you take the next steps towards your financial goals, no matter what your starting point. It’s a great way to enjoy, discover and learn about your financial options.

Your Money Maven offers a terrific range of financial information through various media outlets. These include:

  • Podcasts.
  • Radio show.
  • Webinars.

Maven Education

Make educated choices about your financial future by taking one of our latest courses. They are designed to be easy to follow and understand so you can build on your knowledge about your money and finances.

Money Quiz

We don’t all think about money in the same way, and finding out what money type you are helps you understand your tolerance to risk. Taking our money quiz helps define your money type, giving you a better insight into your views about finance. This, in turn, lets you identify what investments are best suited for you, and how you can plan for your future.


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