The Foundation Course is conducted live to a small group of people who want the same things as you. Our bespoke workshops share knowledge between your financial planner and you, the participants.

We would love you to become part of the Money Maven tribe, and receive ongoing support throughout your journey.

As well as financial planning and advice, The Foundation Course is practical and easy to follow. Designed to educate you on taking control of your financial future — whether you are new to understanding how your personal finances work or already have some experience, this course will help you to build a solid foundation and bright financial future.

Your Money Maven

Foundation Course

Our Foundation Course is the perfect starting point for your financial journey.

It consists of weekly workshops including:

  • Understanding Your Relationship to Money.
  • Money Management.
  • Protect Wealth.
  • Build Wealth.

Foundation Course Outline

Your Money Maven – 6 Week Program Summary

Week One – Understand Your Relationship to Money 


    • Money Distinctions   
    • Money Story is Written 
    • Habitudes Identified 
    • The mind and heart are clear to create a new future for money and life 
  • “Blue Sky” Life, Money and Wealth Goals


  • Key Money Distinctions (concepts/jargon)
  • Your Money Story is written and you have power over the past
  • Your habitudes are identified and you know what’s required to move you forward
  • You can get education about money from a fresh perspective 
  • You can set goals for life and money from a fresh perspective

Actions to Move Forward

  • Complete Current Financial Position 
  • Share the Outcomes with the people in your life that will hold you back/move you forward 

Week Two – Money Management


    • Budgets and Cash flow 
    • Setting SMART Money Goals
    • Understanding Debt/Credit Scores
    • Managing Debt


  • You create a budget that works for you with integrity and accountability
  • You are able to set Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic Time-Based Goals with a Monetary value for yourself and your life
  • You understand how Debt works
  • You get and understand your Credit Score
  • You have a plan in place to Manage your current Debt

Actions to Move Forward

  • CSI your last 6 months Money 
  • Budgets Set and Shared
  • Debt Management Plan set and Shared
  • SMART Goals set, shared and plans in progress 

Week Three – Protecting Wealth


    • Risk Management basics
    • Insurance: Personal 
    • Insurance: General
    • Determining How much Insurance you need


  • Life Insurance Products
  • Health, Travel and General insurance Products
  • How much cover you/family needs
  • Where to source the right insurance products
  • How the Insurance industry works

Actions to Move Forward

  • Create your Life Insurance Plan 
  • Create your General insurance plan

Week Four – Building Wealth


    • Risk Profiling 
    • Asset Classes: Shares, Property, Fixed Interest and Cash 
    • Building a portfolio -Diversification
    • Dollar Cost Averaging 
    • Investment Vehicles: Family Trusts and Superannuation 
    • Goals Based Investing 


  • Know your Risk Profile 
  • Understand the 4 Asset Classes
  • Understand how to build an investment portfolio 
  • Understand the use of Investment Vehicles 
  • Understand Goals Based Investing

Actions to Move Forward

  • Establish your preferred path to wealth creation 
  • Review your current portfolio and make changes 
  • Create a wealth plan using Goals Based Investing, Dollar Cost Averaging and your surplus cash from budget 

Week Five – Death & Taxes


    • Estate Planning basics
    • Superannuation on Death 
    • Incapacity Planning 
    • Income Tax 
    • Death and Tax


  • Know your Risk Profile 
  • Understand the 4 Asset Classes
  • Understand how to build an investment portfolio 
  • Understand the use of Investment Vehicles 
  • Understand Goals Based Investing

Actions to Move Forward

  • Will and Enduring Power of Attorney reviewed 
  • Superannuation Death Benefit Nomination reviewed 

Week Six – Bringing it all together


    • Strategic Planning Meeting with Sheila


  • Put it all together and work on strategies, product solutions, ongoing accountability and review structure to achieve your wealth and life goals 

Actions to Move Forward

A Financial Plan consisting of:

  • Budget and Cash Management 
  • Investment Strategy including superannuation and a regular investment structure
  • Insurance Strategy 
  • Succession and Estate Strategy 
  • Specific Product solutions for each of the above

Why you need to do this? 

You will work on your own Life and Money throughout the course and build a working knowledge of the world of money and how you relate to this world.

You will set life and wealth goal setting take on strategic planning and financial product research to create your own Financial Plan during the course.

You will do this course in a small group of people in a similar stage of life wanting the same things as you. 

 This course will be a small group workshop involving a series of conversations between Financial Planner and participants and the sharing of knowledge. In short, you’ll have a Tribe supporting you all the way.

What you get out of the Course

This course is designed to empower and enable you to: 

  1. Understand your relationship to money 
  2. Set financial goals
  3. Gain financial literacy and know how to build, protect and manage your money

    Create a strategic financial plan alongside a qualified financial planner that:

    • Uses appropriate investment and business structures
    • Sources appropriate financial products
    • Holds you accountable and gives you tools to track and review your progress as you achieve your life and wealth goals

What YOU need to bring?

  1. Willingness to work in small group of up to 10 participants
  2. Respect for the Privacy of information shared amongst the group 
  3. Be Coachable and willing to take on the Learning and Actions from the Course

Your Investment in Time and Money 

The Your Money Maven Foundation Course will be conducted over 6 consecutive weeks on Wednesday nights from 6pm to 9pm. We will provide a light dinner to keep you going through the night.

At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a Strategic Financial Plan Meeting with your Financial Planner Course Leader where suitable investment, insurance, superannuation and business solutions are recommended to you.

Fortnightly instalments and couple discounts may be eligible. Contact us to discuss our pricing options. 

What Happens After the Course Ends?

We stay connected though the Your Money Maven Tribe a Closed Facebook Community where we can build on your Wealth Education and grow together.

You keep your Cash Flow Accountability Tools for as long as your part of the Your Money Maven Tribe

We will provide you with opportunities to learn from the experts to help you achieve your Life and Money Goals through regular meet-ups, webinars and workshops. We stay your trusted source of Financial Advice and Wealth Education.

Choose Your Course Based On Your Age and Stage.

Foundation Course

For Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The Road to Financial Independence

A Guide for Millennials & School Leavers

The Road to Financial Freedom

A Guide for Generation XY

The Road to Retirement

A Guide for the Over 55’s


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