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How do you view your finances? Are you aware of your tolerance to risk? Take our money quiz to gain a better insight into your views about your finances.(Once you have taken the quiz, wait a moment and your results will appear here)

Click on each word that describes your tendencies relative to money. Once completed, click the 'SEE RESULTS' button below for your results.

The Eight Money Types and the Money Type Quiz are excerpted from the book Money Magic by Deborah L. Price © Copyright 2001 All rights reserved. Used with Permission.

How Much Would You Like to Retire With?

Sheila Cabacungan is a behavioural money coach and wealth educator on a mission to help people grow in financial awareness so that they may retire financially independent.

The Your Money Maven Questionnaire aims to narrow down your money patterns and bring awareness and understanding to your money habits.

The quiz asks a series of questions to determine your behaviour which affects your thoughts around money and feelings around everyday decisions and is a pre-requisite prior to all discovery calls with Sheila.

This Money Quiz has 56 Questions and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Straight to the point and emailed direct to your inbox, the results are designed to give you a basic overview of the Money Archetypes that may be present in your life.

“My role is to empower my clients with financial wisdom, advice and strategies to realise their financial goals and live a life they love.” – Sheila Cabacungan

Sheila Your Money Maven

How Financially Aware Are you?

Benefits of Taking The Quiz

Learn how you view the world

Learn your default patterns and how it affects your money decisions

Learn how you relate and engage with others

Money quiz


Our Money Quiz Aims To:

Help you Build, Protect and Manage your Money
Our Money Quiz Helps Define your Money Type
Give you a Better Insight Into Your Views About Finance

Sydney’s Behavioural Money Coach
& Wealth Educator

Have you ever wondered what drives your behaviour
when it comes to money decisions?

Are you ready to:

Find out what drives your behaviour when it comes to money decisions

Identify what investments are best suited for you?

Understand your relationship with money?

Understand your tolerance to risk?

Plan for your financial future?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions

The foundation of getting to grips with your financial situation begins with:

  • Figuring out your money distinctions.
  • Writing your own money story.
  • Identifying your habitudes.

By doing these things your mind and heart will be clear to create a new future for money and life. It will identify and help you achieve your “Blue Sky” life, wealth and financial goals.

Once you have reached these goals, you will:

Have the full picture of your current financial position.
Be able to share the outcomes with the people in your life that will hold you back/move you forward.

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